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  • Reduced Wobble: After repeated tests, we added two new triangle stabilizers on the telescopic ladder, which can reduce the shaking amplitude from 30° to 10° and effectively improve the stability by 36% compared with the same product.
  • Safety of Use: The high quality construction of the telescoping ladder ensures that each part retracts safely. Smart locking pins hold the parts in place and prevent sliding, and the ladder will retract smoothly and slowly.
  • Quality Material: The sturdy frame of the telescopic ladder is made of high-quality aluminum alloy, which is resistant to wear and corrosion, rust, high and low temperatures and aging, and can withstand up to 330 pounds of weight.
  • Multi-Scene Application: Changing light bulbs and going up to the attic indoors, or repairing roofs or climbing into RVs outdoors, our aluminum retractable ladders can be used in any scenario where you need a ladder.
  • Easy Portability and Storage: Retractable ladder, tied with a fixed belt, one hand can easily pick up, no matter where to take it is very convenient. The ladder 19 * 33 size can also be placed in the trunk or in various corners of the house at will.

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  1. Jason L W Lynn

    I hate dragging out any of my ladders for quick tasks. It’s a hassle. I grabbed this telescoping ladder in the hopes that it would fill the need for a light, sturdy, compact ladder. So far, it has met all three criteria. Compact – It’s got about the same footprint as my metal step stool (the typical hardware store 2-step step stools). Light – My kids could very easily pick this up and carry it around. Sturdy – I was impressed with initial tests on the sturdiness of this ladder; there wasn’t really any wobble and I felt comfortable 10 feet off the ground. Time will tell if the sturdiness starts to fall off or not. I’ll try to update this review if that happens. The instructions are absolute trash. I read through them three or four times and was more confused each time. It’s pretty self-explanatory once you play around with it for a few minutes.

  2. Johnathan

    This is a nice ladder. It is really sturdy and a bit heavier than I expected. It says light weight and I guess it is for a ladder but it isn’t as lightweight as I had in mind, haha. That is no problem though because I can still carry it around and it stores very compact. Perfect to keep in a garage or shed and throw in the trunk if you need to take it somewhere. It is definitely much sturdier than I would have thought as well. I am close to 300lbs and I have no worries that this will not hold me.

  3. Tommie

    This is a great ladder that doesn’t take up much space. The only thing I didn’t like is you definitely need a good support to put it on because since it is retractable, it’s not as solid as I had hoped.

  4. David E.

    I found a better ladder of this type but the price was over four times the price of this ladder!
    This ladder will more than do what I need done

  5. AJ

    I ordered this hoping that it would be similar to one I saw my contractor using. I was coveting it something awful and was trying to find an excuse to get one ( my wife gives me the eye every time I buy a tool). When I saw this one I pounced and now I’m happy. It is lightweight, sturdy and can be tucked away easily. It literally takes up less space than a step ladder.Height adjustments are simple pull up to desired position, press rungs to lower. Good product. Thanks.

  6. A vierra

    These are for access ONLY do NOT try to load a roof or carry any large loads up on these ladders.

  7. Rick 2000

    Very easy to extend, very sturdy excellent access to my higher windows and vents on the roof.

  8. Rex A Decker

    .Little wobbly but not terrible . It is heavy but im ok with that. Very useful for rv-ing

  9. Robert M.

    Very Satisfied With This Purchase. ??????

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