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HBTower 3 Step Ladder with Tool Tray, Lightweight 500lbs Capacity

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Brand HBTower

Color Black

Material Cast Iron

Item Weight 11.88 Pounds

Load Capacity 500 Pounds

  • UPGRADED STEP LADDER: Open size-20.1″(L)*26.8″(W)*50.4″(H), folded size-20.8”(L)*1.6”(W)*54.3”(H), 11.88 pounds net weight step ladder has 500 pounds load, HBTower safety folding 3 step steel ladder is made for you!
  • TOOL PLATFORM AND SPACE-SAVING: The large-size tool platform can accommodate tools and reduce the number of climbing ladders. Only 1.6″ after folding ladder for easy storage and transportation. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor.
  • SAFETY AND STABILITY: High-quality thickened steel frame is constructed with strength and reliability. Metal safety buckle locks automatically when you use the step ladder. The design of the cross structure at the back strengthens the basic support which will make you safer in the process of climbing the ladder.
  • NON-SLIP DESIGN: The 3 step ladder with non-slip rubber handles for easy climbing and carrying. Wide pedals with anti-slip particles offer more stable support. Thickened rubber feet fully contact the ground and keep firm to prevent scratches on the floor.
  • WARRANTY SERVICE: You can get a 2-year warranty and 24-hour customer service. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will reply in time.


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51 reviews for HBTower 3 Step Ladder with Tool Tray, Lightweight 500lbs Capacity

  1. Con

    I bought this to be able to get in and out of my high kitchen cabinets. It works great. Very sturdy and easy to fold. The top try’s is great for setting dishes/appliances on before going to the bottom.

  2. P. T.

    The perfect ladder to keep in the house. Great for those areas where the ladder in the garage is to big and the step stool is too short. Takes up very little space when folded, but very sturdy when set up. The tray area comes in handy for cleaning supplies or paint.

  3. Ted

    Like it very much,very safe !

  4. Rahani

    I’ve been needing one of these for so long and it took me awhile to actually buy it!I’m so happy with it.The assembly was minor. A few screws and done. The quality is heavy duty but lightweight. The steps are large so if you have big feet or used boots/shoes on it you won’t have to worry about space or it being too narrow. It’s a really thick plastic and has bumps for grip. Also, has rubber grid under each for that work really well with keeping the ladder still on wood flooring, tile and engineered flooring which i have all 3 types in my home and have used it on each.It’s easy to open and close. The bar is rather long which I like cause it gives me more stability when having to hold on. The tray is very handy. I have used this to pick fruits of my tree by placing loose fruit on the tray till I was done. I’ve used it to do touch up painting and also put dishes up in higher cabinets. All of which I can place on tray while I get up. It’s stable and reliable. It doesn’t rock or wobble when climbing up or down.I really like this step ladder. When not in use it folds up thin and can be stored out of the way. The handle allows it to be hung on hooks.I haven’t found anything about this ladder that I don’t like. It is a well made, well planned out step ladder. I would buy one again if ever needed. The cost was average to other step ladders.

  5. Lance K

    Ideal ladder for us big and tall guys. Like the wide steps for foot comfort while using ladder. Only thing that concerns me, is while using on hard flooring, the ladder feet seem to “slide and settle* upon using top step. A little uneasy feeling, since I’m not even close to its weight limit.I still recommend it for the options it has.

  6. Holly OK

    We use this step ladder for projects around the house. It is sturdy, easy to fold and unfold and takes up relatively little space when storing because it folds flat. It is just the right height for an 8-10 foot ceiling. It is very handy to have a shelf for tools so you don’t need to go up and down the ladder.

  7. Bryce

    I ordered this ladder because I needed something taller than the two-step one I currently;y have.PROS:TallArea for hardwareEasy to assembleCONS:Unclear directionsSeems a bit wobbly

  8. Peter Pyles

    This replaced a smaller step ladder; it is just what I needed and it’s easy to store.

  9. dcp

    Easy assembly, very sturdy even for my 400 lbs. Plus handle to hold onto when on 2nd step or higher

  10. Nathan

    This little latter works greatEasy to assemble if you follow the instructionsFolds up pretty flat for storageFeels very sturdy when usingTray to help hold itemsGood quality for the priceWould recommend

  11. William D. Center

    I’m 76 years-old, have artificial knees and shoulders, and compromised strength and balance. We live in a small condo with limited storage, so many important but seldom-used items are stored on high shelves. I used to be able to reach most of them with no help or by using just a small step stool. That is no longer the case. I needed a step stool that was strong and steady, with a handle to grip as I climb. We also wanted something easy to store and set up. This 3-step HBTower is PERFECT. As you can see from the photos it fit neatly into our small pantry and fits snuggly beside the kitchen counter. This product is going to make my life much easier for at least the next few years. The thin profile of the ladder when folded is a real plus and the tool tray will prove handy for small household chores requiring a ladder. The large steps also provide stability and enhance safety. I have no plans to ever climb above the 2nd step and can’t imagine I’d ever need to do so.

  12. Kevin

    Overall this is a very nice 3 step ladder that is the perfect size for light chores around the house and gives you just a little more reach than you get out of smaller 2 step ladder. The ladder was easy to put together, folds and extends smoothly, and latches open firmly for when it’s in use. My only real complaint about this ladder is the fact that the top “hoop” of the ladder, with the rubber pad for carrying it, is a separate piece that bolts into the main ladder base frame. This makes sense for reducing the overall shipping size of the ladder but it results in this hoop always having a little bit of wiggle/play to it regardless of how much you tighten down the hardware. This wiggle/play in the hoop makes it not very reassuring to grab for balance when you up on the ladder. This isn’t a huge problem since you’re not very high off the ground when using this ladder but I did find it unnerving that I couldn’t lean into the ladder hoop without focusing on my balance when I recently used this to hand new window shades in my house.

  13. MyPenName

    My only concern with this ladder is the very top “handle” part of the frame which you would grab or hold for some stability from time to time – it has some give and flex to it and it worries me that it will bend or snap off or something. It flexes there where it attaches to the rest of it. Otherwise, it is a really nice step ladder with some nice features such as the tray. Took about 5 minutes for my husband to assemble for me and I started using it right away, cleaning the ceilings and such. Yes, I clean my ceilings, I’m a psycho, duh. All in all I’m pretty happy with it. It lets me get done what I need to. If that slightly wobble handle area breaks off and I fall on my head, I will be sure to update. My husband assures me it is nothing to worry about, but…

  14. Sheila Wiley

    I like the top shelf will hold different size cans. Places to hold loose hardware and even a place to keep your hammer handy. Use it inside and outside for small projects. Very happy with this purchase. I hate having to assemble things, but this one wasn’t bad.

  15. V. O. Ritter

    I have gotten lazy in my old age, and do not like to have to assemble items I buy. Manufacturers who expect me to finish the assembly of their merchandise for them should send me a paycheck for my time, effort and use of my tools ! Well actually it was not that big of a deal but I am always leery of the phrase “Some Assembly Required” If I purchased this in my local hardware store I would expect it to be assembled and ready to use. It does have a nice tool tray and the steps are solid and sturdy. It is just the right height to replace lightbulbs on an 8 ft. ceiling and hanging plants on the patio is a lot safer with this 3 step ladder.

  16. Sadie Mills

    This step ladder is a huge upgrade from our old 2 step fold out! It’s sturdy as heck and perfect for having around the house to reach various spots higher up. I love that it comes with the tray so I don’t have to step up and down every time I need something like the drill, cleaning spray, nails & hammer, etc!Putting it together was a breeze and comes with the 2 Allen wrenches needed to tighten the screws – which I believe there was 6 total of. I have used this ladder already several times both inside and outdoors for various projects and it’s perfect! It’s also pretty lightweight, so it’s versatile in storing away when not in use with how it folds up.

  17. Shawna

    I have projects that often require some additional height. I usually go out, get my bigger ladder, and set it up. I needed to find a ladder that folds up nicely for the inside of the house. When I opened the box, I saw that some assembly was required. The assembly was easy; The instructions were included. I’m pleased with the quality, and it does fold up nicely for storage. The ladder works exactly as advertised. I really appreciate the tool tray. I will no longer have to hold screws/nails in my mouth. No more “is that a screwdriver in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?” comments either! Seriously though, I love this product. I have no issues with it whatsoever.

  18. Cap’n Tiightpants

    I’ve been using 2-step step ladders forever. I’m getting older, so I really need something where I don’t have to struggle to reach things. I got this for the 3rd step, but the tray was a really nice bonus.I didn’t think the tray would be that big of a deal, but I’ve been putting up some things on my walls and it is so handy! There are a couple decently sized holes that hold my drill perfectly. There are some little sections that are perfect for holding screws, anchors, my measuring tape, etc.One thing that I really like is how far the handle extends past the 3rd step. It allows me to feel safer when I’m stepping all the way up to the top because I don’t have to lean down a lot to hold onto the handle.Putting it together was pretty straightforward. Be sure not to tighten all the hardware to much at first. Get it all put together and aligned, then start gradually tightening the hardware.Folding and unfolding is a little cumbersome, but not too bad.Overall, I’m really goad I got this. It’s a keeper.Hope this is helpful.

  19. Gail

    Perfect to take camping.

  20. Dorothy,

    Requires assembly of the tool tray. I couldn’t do it myself and had to have my grandson help me.

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