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HBTower 3 Step Ladder with Tool Tray, Lightweight 500lbs Capacity

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Brand HBTower

Color Black

Material Cast Iron

Item Weight 11.88 Pounds

Load Capacity 500 Pounds

  • UPGRADED STEP LADDER: Open size-20.1″(L)*26.8″(W)*50.4″(H), folded size-20.8”(L)*1.6”(W)*54.3”(H), 11.88 pounds net weight step ladder has 500 pounds load, HBTower safety folding 3 step steel ladder is made for you!
  • TOOL PLATFORM AND SPACE-SAVING: The large-size tool platform can accommodate tools and reduce the number of climbing ladders. Only 1.6″ after folding ladder for easy storage and transportation. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor.
  • SAFETY AND STABILITY: High-quality thickened steel frame is constructed with strength and reliability. Metal safety buckle locks automatically when you use the step ladder. The design of the cross structure at the back strengthens the basic support which will make you safer in the process of climbing the ladder.
  • NON-SLIP DESIGN: The 3 step ladder with non-slip rubber handles for easy climbing and carrying. Wide pedals with anti-slip particles offer more stable support. Thickened rubber feet fully contact the ground and keep firm to prevent scratches on the floor.
  • WARRANTY SERVICE: You can get a 2-year warranty and 24-hour customer service. If you have any questions, please contact us and we will reply in time.


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51 reviews for HBTower 3 Step Ladder with Tool Tray, Lightweight 500lbs Capacity

  1. HAMZA

    This ladder is very light but also very strong , very easy to assemble and you will be happy with your purchase . So far so good.

  2. Judith H. Jordan

    You have to install the handrail and tray. The holes don’t line up. It looks like it would be a 4 or 5 star if not for the fact that the holes don’t line up. UPDATE: Heard from the company which was super helpful. We got it to go together, so I’m now giving it a four. Just have patience while assembling it. 🙂

  3. Virginia

    Nice and wide. Very useful tray. Almost completely assembled. Very easy to put the tray on and start using.

  4. Captain Dave

    I like the handle to hold onto.

  5. Lola

    I have to have a stool just to reach a lot of things around my house. This is perfect! And folds up nice to store!

  6. RBKalco

    I actually had to get a replacement one sent, because the original was missing some of the hardware. I didn’t have any issues getting a replacement and the replacement arrived very quickly. After receiving the replacement, it took less then 15 minutes to assemble. (Clearly the missing hardware was a fluke or something. The instructions were clear and the assembly was easy. It’s pretty sturdy and durable, while still being fairly lightweight. Easy to unfold and fold up. I used it a lot that same day, to set up a gazebo. Lol. The try is better than the one on my old ladders. This one has spots for tools and hardware, as well as a place for a paint can. My old ones only ever really had a place for a paint can. Pretty nice step ladder. Reasonable value too. Very pleased, despite needing a replacement.

  7. Marilyn

    I am not the tallest person and I live in a home with high ceilings, so I pretty much never met a step ladder I didn’t like but this one…I LOVE! I was using a 2 step ladder for pretty much everything and that was fine (I’m not THAT short LOL) but there were still things I could not get to without busting out the BIG ladder…and finding this has eliminated that need. The extra step really does make a HUGE difference and gives this a step above (ha!) your basic light duty ladder.Here’s what else is awesome about it:1. It was very easy to put together. The tool tray is optional – I opted NOT to put it on, since I don’t really need it – and it gives me the ability to step IN on the top step a bit more, making it feel a little sturdier to me. I thought this would look weird but it really doesn’t…I saved the tray in case I change my mind but I doubt I will as I feel like it’s just better without it for my purposes.2. It folds down very thin so you can easily put this away without needing to make a giant space for it (even though it is obviously taller than the average step ladder). You can easily tuck it in a closet or in a small space say, between appliances etc. (I have mine tucked between the washer/dryer and the wall in my utility room, a fairly thin space, and it fits there perfectly)3. It is very stable and sturdy. The steps are very tough plastic which should be able to handle weight and last for a long time.4. Despite being sturdy, it’s surprisingly light weight so very easy to handle.5. It is a great price.This is, bottom line, pretty much the perfect step ladder to have in your home…and it’s a great value for the price too. It’s pretty much the only one you would ever need. Highly recommend it!

  8. Squatty

    Ahold hold up for years. Strong out of the box. The higher handle makes it easy to cling. The tray is handy for holding thing while using.

  9. Sparty

    The media could not be loaded. Great alternative to a heavy ladder for interior paint or wallpaper jobs. The steps are plastic. The height is awesome for even 9 foot ceilings.This is much easier to drag around rather than my little giant. I can reach up to cut in the paint against my 9 foot ceilings. The tray is nice to have.It’s tall so may be difficult to store in a pantry or closet. But it’s light. I hope the plastic steps will not break.

  10. lynn a morris

    This step ladder is sturdy and easy to fold. You need to attach the top part and the tool holder (directions are included, but aren’t very clear). I am not too happy that the steps are plastic, not metal, considering the price.

  11. N. C

    The ladder is taller and sturdier than the current two step I was using with more than double the claimed weight limit. It appears to be stable and reasonably easy to fold and unfold. As to that, I would apply pressure to the third step when folding up/out instead of the tray part. By using the tray you place more stress on the points holding the tray in place.When you first put the tray together, you may find it over-tightened making it more difficult to open and close the ladder. Simply loosen the bolts a bit and over time, the entire unit may loosen up a bit as well.As to the bolts you install for the handle and tray, it’s simple enough with a little patience and the screws are treated with a substance which seems to act like a shim. There are not physical shims and I do not know if the assembled parts will need re-tightening over time, but as it is, it’s a nice unit.Most people for household use won’t need anymore than 2 steps but for higher ceilings, cabinets, or other uses where a 6 foot step ladder isn’t required, the third step will do nicely.When unfolding, make sure the top wrung clicks in and carefully put pressure so the bottom step sets properly as it is tight when new. As for light to medium duty uses it performs fine. I do not know if it could be used in a more commercial setting. In retail, it should be fine for reasonably light to moderate use. If you have a commercial business with heavy duty requirements, it is probably a good recommendation to spend more for safety.The steps are a hard plastic which should remain stable unless you have a very wet or oily environment. Putting s rubberized matting or other material could make it more slip resistant but as is it isn’t bad at all.It is reasonably light weight while still giving a sufficient feel of sturdiness. On a flat surface, one may not need a spotter but at that height, it is always recommended to have someone spotting your stability especially if you are carrying a relatively heavy and/or bulky load having to use both hands while on the ladder.Overall for price to performance I would give it a solid 4.5 stars. Easier folding and click in along with a non slip substance on the steps would make it a solid 5 but it performs close enough and for the price. Alot of other products at a similar price are either heavier, more difficult to carry/move around or may even have less stability.Can’t say how well it will hold up over time but I feel confident that it will. Minor surface blemish such as black paint not covering the metal, while small is notable. Still, it’s a good product and the tray potentially has many uses. It has a recessed parts that can hold nails, screws, etc., without concern anything like that could roll of the tray. Circular sized indents for paint, stain, etc products.I do not know the weight capacity of the tray itself but it can hold some degree of weight sufficient for most needs, IMO. Hope this helps.

  12. Honestly Though

    There is absolutely nothing I dislike about this step ladder. I’m 5’2″, and there are a lot of tasks around the house where I find myself climbing furniture to reach like window washing, installing curtain rods, or capturing the bug on the ceiling.This step ladder is making everything easier. The steps are wide, nonslip and sturdy. The tool tray has various compartments and even hole slots for screwdrivers. No more screws rolling off the top step like with my large outdoor ladder!I cannot overstate how much I like this. It’s the perfect height to keep indoors and reach everything without being too bulky to store. Highly recommend.

  13. Rdeokttn

    HBTower 3 Step Ladder with Tool Tray, Folding Step Stool with Wide Non-Slip Pedal and Comfort Handgrip for Household and Office, Lightweight 500lbs Capacity Step Ladder, BlackSome assembly required the assembly that is needed is simple to doHolds my 220 lb husband with zero issuesEasy to fold and openNot terribly heavy when needing to move from room to room folds compact enough that I can keep in my closet

  14. T. K. Paul

    This ladder is much taller than others I’ve had. I love that. The stairs lay nice and flat. The storage tray is quite nice, especially for painting and hanging pictures. The assembly was easy enough I guess. It took me about 15 minutes. The directions were a little hard to follow as the diagrams weren’t very clear. The supports that hold up the storage tray were rather tight and hard to attach. I often have a little trouble closing the ladder up. It just seems like it’s caught on something. But it isn’t too bothersome. The ladder folded up is quite slim, which makes it very easy to store. I recommend this ladder mainly for its height and little footprint.

  15. Elizabeth C. McFarland

    Very well designed product well made you feel safe standing on it even on the 3rd step.

  16. Faux Green Thumb

    Sturdy ladder! This thing has super wide foot platforms, making it easy to climb and keep your balance. There is no give at all, this ladder is very strong.As strong as this ladder is, it’s extremely lightweight and folds so flat that it can be stashed almost anywhere. There is only a few inches of clearance next to my washer, and this ladder slipped right in there with space to spare.Folds and sets up in a quick second, I no longer dread having to drag out a ladder for any household task. Fantastic product for a great price. I paid more than this for my old twenty some year old ladder, of the same height, that weighs a ton and and doesn’t fold nice and flat like this one. Love this thing. Great product to own.

  17. Mark piotrowski

    This ladder is awesome Very strong and stable folds flat love it.

  18. Bichon Mom

    HBTower 3 Step Ladder with Tool Tray is made in China and comes assembled except for the tool tray and top bar which are easy to install.This is a very sturdy and secure step ladder especially for anyone who is elderly or has balance problems. The steps are roomy and textured and the top bar provides a good grip area. It’s easy to fold and carry and works well. The tray is a good addition and helps to avoid needless trips up and down by providing a convenient spot to place items.HBTower 3 Step Ladder with Tool Tray is well made and feels secure and sturdy.

  19. Smart Shopper

    Works exactly as described, great product!

  20. Wayne

    This is a very nice step ladder! This is a decently tall ladder. I’m 6ft tall and standing on the top step, I can easily touch my ceiling. This is great so now I don’t have to bring the big ladder into the house out of the garage anymore. The ladder is quite sturdy and when folded, is very thin! This will easily fit along side the fridge for quick and easy access for jobs around the house. Lightweight and easy to move around where needed. Unfolds and folds up really easy and smooth. I love the tray on this. Now I can put my tools on the tray while doing jobs around the house. I also love the little compartments on the tray, which is perfect for screws and little things like that.The ladder requires assembly of the top handle bar as well as the tray. Which is only 6 bolts to assemble that. Quick and easy.Definitely an awesome and tall step ladder for little jobs around the house or hard to reach areas without having to bring out a big ladder. HIGHLY recommended!

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