Convenient Paint Tray (Out of stock)


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Package includes: 1*Paint tray

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7 reviews for Convenient Paint Tray (Out of stock)

  1. Brian E.

    Shelf arrive very quickly and was exactly what I expected. It was easy to add to my ladder using the pre drilled holes in the ladder and the included hardware with the shelf. Thanks for a great experience!

  2. Brad R.

    I ordered a paint tray for a ladder I owned for about 6 months. It could not be installed because the upper inverted U-shaped rail that joins the left and right main rails of the ladder does not have holes in it for the back of the tray to bolt to. Customer service suggested I buy a new ladder. Why would I want to spend another $100 just to add a paint tray?

  3. James M.

    Nice ladder but took a long time to get here.

  4. Jackie F.

    Have not received it yet!

  5. lp k.

    I bought the paint tray as an important addition to my HBTowershop ladder that I had ordred earlier. I am disappointed that there are no holes in the ladder handrail as shown in the instructions that came with the paint tray.
    Question: how do I attach the paint tray?
    It is obvious to me that I need a new handrail, one that has the holes for me to attach the paint tray. I look forward to your help and resolution on this matter.

    Ref: Order #hb1823
    Yours truly,
    Linda Kittiel
    2830 Marilyn Rd.
    Colorado Springs, CO 80909

  6. Marcia J.

    It is so wonderful to feel safe climbing a ladder and having a great shelf to hold everything so I don’t have to be going up and down the ladder!

  7. Victor J.

    the paint tray only works on one model that doesn’t have the handles.the paint tray doesn’t fit for the model with the hand rails

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