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Aluminum Button Retraction Extension Ladder with 2 Triangle Stabilizers, Multi-Purpose Ladder with Slow Down Design


  • Button Retraction: In order to improve user convenience and ensure quality. Our telescopic aluminum ladder has the function of button retraction. With just the push of a thumb button, the ladder goes from extended to compact.
  • Reduced Wobble: After repeated tests, we added two new triangle stabilizers on the telescopic ladder, which can reduce the shaking amplitude from 30°to 10°and effectively improve the stability by 36% compared with the same product.
  • Quality Material: The sturdy frame of the telescopic ladder is made of high-quality aluminum alloy,4mm more than others, which is resistant to wear and corrosion, rust, high and low temperatures and aging, and can withstand up to 330 pounds of weight.
  • Easy Portability and Storage: Retractable ladder, tied with a fixed belt, ha easily pick up, no matter where to take it is very convenient. The ladder 19 * 34 size can also be placed in the trunk or in various corners of the house at will.
  • Good after-sales service: We promise 2-year warranty, during which the quality of the product is not considered to be damaged, please contact us, we will help you solve it.


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